About me


So here is a little bit about me 🙂

I am a 26 year old female living with my cat. this doesn’t mean i am a cat lady 😛

His name is Phoenix and he’s my ginger tabby. He is quite the character and no doubt will appear in some of my posts.

I moved out from the family home 2 years ago and i love having my own little abode. But it really needs decorating and finding the time isn’t easy.

When i’m not at home, i’m at work. I am a health care assistant in a hospital and i work on a ward that deals with bowel cancer and surgery. It’s not a job for the faint of heart but as i tell everyone, if i didn’t love my job, then i couldn’t do it. It is a hard place to work and can be emotional at times. But hey ho, its my job.

I am slightly obsessed with Alice in Wonderland if you can’t tell! And all things Disney!

I have a small group of friends and i am very close to my mum and stepdad who live near by. The rest of my family live 50 miles away and it sucks! I have a beautiful niece who lives all those miles away with my sister and her husband. I wish i saw her more 😦

Unfortunately no husband for me. Or even a boyfriend. I think i’m a required taste haha.

Also i think i am Marmite. you either love me or hate me. And i will admit, i would rather i was liked. I worry about these things. But like they say, not everyone will like you.

So that’s a little about me.

More to follow in my posts.