The post night blues

As a shift worker, I am required to do nights and I don’t mind doing them. But they are a killer! My body clock goes mental, my brain goes fuzzy and sleeping is a nightmare. I have just finished 3 nights in work and I currently have the post night blues. I over slept so I probably won’t sleep tonight and I am bored but can’t be bothered to do anything because I am tired but can’t sleep. Well it sucks. It makes me ill. My anxiety levels hit the roof and my paranoia goes into over drive. I’m currently at the point where I am thinking there has got to be more to life. If I had the money I’d quite happily piss off somewhere on an adventure! But I can’t. My legs ache and my back is hurting! I’ve eaten rubbish food at stupid o’clock on the morning to get through the night and now I feel sluggish. Tomorrow I go food shopping then hit the gym. I don’t care if my body is protesting right now. I need to get back on it and get the happy endorphins moving!! 

The worst thing…. I’m on nights again next week… FML. I will do better next week! 😩😩😩😩


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