Ciao Adios, I’m done…

Tell her she’s pretty, tell her she’s amazing, tell her everything she wants to hear…. then sleep with her and fuck her off. Standard modern behaviour. I guess women can do this too, I wouldn’t know seeing as how I am not a dick head. 

And yes the woman in question does have low self esteem and a bit of attention from guys she didn’t think were dick heads goes a long way. 

Not all men are dicks… I don’t think anyway?? I’m yet to meet a none dickish guy. But anyway, people tell me they are out there and I have to believe in this. 

Nowadays it seems like it’s the done thing to whisper sweet nothings into another ears and when they do get physical… they then fuck you off and think it’s exceptable. AND THEN go on to tell people there’s no one decent out there. 

AHEM!!!!!! You my friend are a dick head. There is no one decent out there because you can’t see past your genitalia!!! And treat the decent ones like absolute shite! 

And when someone is feeling lonely or unattractive or even just low, hearing someone saying your beautiful and funny and amazing is such a good thing to hear. This generally makes them blind to the fact they are about to be used. Instead they are thinking of skipping off into the sunset together. And the reality is they just wanted a bang and then never speak to you again or pretend it didn’t happen and try being your mate again. 

Well it’s hurts. Especially if you didn’t think they were dick heads. I write this from the female perspective but I assume there are men out there that feel this way too. Women can be dicks too! 

Well I am sick of being the girl who falls for the sweet talk and the attention when it suits them. No thank you! 

I am wiser and guarding against the shit! 

Ciao Adios, I’m done 


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