Fit bit…

In 2013 I invested in a fit bit to track my exercise. (I didn’t exercise….) It was another fad gadget I had to have. It soon ended up in a draw and then lost. I think it’s in my ottoman in my dinning room. 
But recently a few friends in work have gotten them and I thought why not try it out again. (I still don’t exercise… but I’m going too. Honest.) so I downloaded the Fitbit app and set my phone up as my tracker until I locate my Fitbit. 

Well it has become a massive competition to see who can do more steps in a day. We have set challenges in the app and so far, I am 7th out of 10. This challenge lasts Monday to Friday and the person with the most steps wins that week. So watch this space… then we do a weekend warrior challenge. 

It’s my day off work tomorrow and I want a lie in and chill. But no.. the team have decided we are going walking. I’d say no to going and roll over and not even think about it. But I’m 7th!!! I can’t let them speed past me! So I’m getting up early and walking the walk! 

Moral of the story is don’t get a Fitbit. They are addicting!! 


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