Alice <3

If you can’t tell already, I love Alice in wonderland. So much so that 2 of my 8 tattoos are Alice themed! 

And not forgetting my Alice in wonderland shelf: 

I have much more Alice stuff around my house 🙂 I am a bit obsessed to say the least! 

The uniqueness of it all just grabs me. I find the characters so interesting and perculiar. Alice herself is an odd one for creating these characters in her dream. Wonderland is so upside down it’s just relatable to real life. And most of us are as mad as a hatter or as crazy as the Cheshire Cat! Not to mention as late as the white rabbit! I sometimes even feel like the red queen and want to shout ‘off with their head!!’ On a bad day.  Lewis Carroll’s creation is beautiful and bewildering and to see disney bring it to life in the animation is creative genius. The live action movies were good. It the original classic can never be beaten 🙂 


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