Drunk drivers!!!

I detest drunk drivers. My mum just got a phone call from my stepdad who is driving on the M6 to go home. A near miss is an understatement!! At the road works it’s 50mph and my stepdad is in cruise control set to 50mph. He notices in his rear view mirror a car coming to him rather fast. Bearing in mind that he is in the middle lane and the fast lane is empty. The car shows no sign of moving over to the fast lane and is still coming. The speeding car must finally notice that there is a car in his path and jerks to the right narrowly missing my stepdads car. He jerks to much and crashes into the central reservation and spins his car out! 

Not only that! The driver tries to take off in his car with a broken axle. Luckily one of the witnesses takes his keys off him… not like he can go far but still. 

I am so thankful that my stepdad wasn’t hurt and that the phone call we got wasn’t one from an officer telling us bad news. 

The driver could hardly walk he was that smashed off his face! What possesses someone to drink and drive and not just drive but get on a motorway and drive!!

Selfish people who have no regard for the safety of others! So many innocent lives are taken everyday by drunk drivers! It makes me so angry! 

 But apart from being a little shaken… my stepdad is ok and the car wasn’t hit. 

I hope the driver suffers and pays for his recklessness!!



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