Chapter two:

I am a massive book lover.

Book worm, Nerd, Geek, Swat…

Whatever you want to call me… It’s me!

I love the smell of a book and getting lost in it’s pages for hours on end.

I love all the usual books like the Harry potter series, the Twilight saga and the cheeky Fifty shades of grey series. All good books. Since i was kid I have enjoyed a good book and as i have grown up, my taste has changed.

I loved fantasy books, give me anything with a vampire or a witch or werewolf and even an Orc and i would read it. I still will but my genre has changed and taken a dark turn.

Give me a thriller or a crime book to read and i’m emerged in it’s pages till the end. I especially love a murder mystery right now or paranormal spookies.

I recently read a book called the haunting of Emily Rose. Quite an interesting one about a young girl who witnessed a haunting and who’s mother exploited her to paranormal researchers and exaggerated the haunting’s causing it to be a fake and a con. thus resulting in the researchers losing all credibility and their career. But years later, Emily has grown up and has a daughter of her own who in turn is haunted by her mothers ghosts. Seeking help, Emily goes to the researches her mother coned for help.

It does take a rather far fetched turn at the end but over all a good read. Spooked me some times when i was reading it at 2am and seeing shadows in my room.

I have just began reading a book called Humans, Bow Down by James Patterson. Not my usual author but it seems interesting enough so i will update soon. positive-thinking-books


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