Chapter three:


It’s a snap chat photo!!!
We all feel better with a funny filter on don’t we? Well i do 🙂
Good morning lovely people.
So i have a lack of motivation and i really bothers me. But today i am determined to clean my house and paint my kitchen. I write this at 11:27am so we shall see how much i get done, Normally on a day off work i see my mum and go for coffee or just chill at hers. But she is at my sisters this week so i must motivate myself to get my house sorted.
When i moved into my home 2 years ago, i bought all red appliances for my kitchen. Microwave was red, kettle, toaster and my cutlery. WHY???? I hate the colour red. What possessed me to have a red kitchen? Well i got rid of the red… Except the microwave because they are not cheap for a good one. And there GREEN!!!!!

So!!! Watch this space for a new kitchen colour! Which is also green but a lovely spring green 🙂 


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